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Seattle Tailwind is a cycling focused club designed for women with active lifestyles. Opportunities for cycling skill development, cross training, social networking and community volunteerism are just a few of the benefits that Seattle Tailwind offers.

Members of Seattle Tailwind are diverse in their backgrounds and bonded by their shared passion for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is encouraged to balance their career, family and athletic interests with the support of teammates at every level. As a member of Seattle Tailwind, you can do it ALL!

We ride bikes, promote healthy living and have fun!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vella Bella Ride

Vella Bella Ride, Lake Wentachee
August 16th & 17th

Whew - what a hot and hilly ride! The Vella Bella ride near Lake Wenatchee was a beautiful and fun ride! We decided as a group to start the 50 mile ride at 7:30AM so we could beat as much of the sun as we could, our best attempt to escape the heat.

We all set-up camp at the eight mile campgrounds on Icicle Rd. Waking up at 5:30AM wasn't so easy, but the groaning quickly dissolved once we had our coffee. We started from the rec center and headed out to start the first of two out-and-back legs. The first leg was definitely the hilly one! We did so much climbing, but all was worthwhile when we flew down on the way back. When we reached the turnaround, which in fact was the literal end of the pavement, the rest stop consisted of a pick-up truck, one volunteer, coolers of water and various nutritional snacks. We could only stay a few minutes because the bugs were starting to bite, but we had great conversation with other ladies and had fun teasing the volunteer guy that seemed a little bashful among so many women.

Like mentioned above, we flew down on the way back through the refreshing breeze and empty roads (virtually no cars at this point and all were polite). The corners were curvy - easy to tuck and fly. We stopped back at the rec center to put on more sunblock and load up on more food (eating/drinking every 20-30 minutes is the first way to survive the unrelenting heat). Then, we headed out to the second out-and-back leg of the 50 mile ride. This leg was much more of the rolling hill variety and most of it was sheltered by trees, except for the first 5 miles on a highway with some semi-truck traffic. When we reached the rest stop at the turnaround point, we had a beautiful view of the river from atop a foot bridge. Another pick-up truck with snacks and two men volunteering (bonus!). All the women we spoke with unanimously agreed that this was a memorable ride and we are all hoping that it will continue to grow and year-after-year.

The way back was not as fast, but the tree cover kept us cool as the weather heated up. There were a few near misses with squirrels making suicide runs across the road, nearly missing our wheels by inches. What are they thinking!? The last 5 miles on the open stretch of road were hot as the sun scorched our backs, but we all made it back with more than enough energy to laugh and chat about our adventurous ride. At the end of the day, we all were relieved that we chose to do the 50 and not the 75.

Back at the rec center, there were all sorts of goodies waiting for us, including gummie bears (genius!). We filled our bellies and then headed back for showers and an afternoon spent in Leavenworth grabbing some beers and cooling down.

Save the date for Vella Balla 2009 - August 29th

Thursday, August 14, 2008

On our way to Vella Bella

Seattle Tailwind is travelling this weekend to Lake Wentachee to ride together in the women's Vella Bella ride. We'll be camping overnight and riding 50 to 75 miles. A full report and photos will be posted when we get back!

Club Poster

We are thrilled to share our club's first poster,
showcasing some of the 20 inspiring women that form our club.

While the photo was being taken, the ladies had a lot of fun.

(Be a tiger!)

Nice work, ladies!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Tuesday ride around Mercer Island

Last Tuesday Debbie and I decided to take an afternoon ride around Mercer Island. We invited two potential Seattle Tailwind members with us, Lisa and Kristi. Since we are all teachers we went early that afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine. Because Debbie lives in Factoria we thought that would be a great place to start and pedal around Mercer Island. There weren't too many people out, maybe they were all at work. Humm... :) Anyway, I posted a few photos of our ride. My friend Kristi is learning to use clipless pedals and took a little spill in a soft area. Hopefully we all can get another ride in before school starts up again!